The BoneYard Athletic Performance Evaluation

Boneyard Lacrosse club will offer high school athletes the same cutting edge strength and conditioning available to our nationally ranked college players. BoneYard Strength and Conditioning Director Thomas Newman will provide top line expertise using state of the art technology.  BoneYard lacrosse club members will get individual player assessments provide a precise road map for each athletes individual development.  These assessments will be crafted from athletic tests used to measure exactly how athletic you are.  This proprietary athletic scoring system is only available to BoneYard lacrosse players.

We don’t "hand time" our athletes with old fashioned stop watches. We use top of the line SmartSpeed Fusion laser timing systems to accurately test and track an athlete’s performance. As a BoneYard player, you will find out how fast and powerful you are now, and more importantly, find out how to do better each time you test.

Each athlete will be assigned an individual athletic evaluation as well as the tools needed to improve these scores. Athletes are not only compared to individuals on their team but to athletes from across the country and against the best that have every played the game. This allows our athletes to better understand their weakness and how to transfer their strengths to meaningful on field performance. 

With BoneYard, you will find out the exactly how athletic you are now, and how to improve that athleticism.  No more guesswork, and no more excuses.